Megan Anderson

Business Operations Expert

Hello, I'm Megan Anderson, CEO and business operations expert.

Born and raised in Fort Collins Colorado, my career and education have always focused on small business management and operations.   After 15 years of working as a small business operations manager, I was left uninspired by the lack of communication, training, and overall organization provided by the owner. 


This frustration led me to start my own consulting firm, and for the past 5 years I have followed my passion to help established small companies move from struggling to level out the revenue rollercoaster into highly functioning organizations with solid operations that promote employee retention and create scalable growth. 


When not helping my clients become excellent business owners, I enjoy spending time with my son Devon playing board games, reading, or going on adventures. I adore my dog Gaya, we spend many hours outdoors exploring our new home in Loveland, CO. 




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