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FLOW with Your Numbers 

Great for businesses at ANY stage

Focusing on bookkeeping is foundational to all businesses. FWYN is a special FLOW session where we meet each Friday for an hour to work only on our books. It's included in all membership levels. 

Learn your numbers, Love your numbers, and Live your numbers

  • \​1-hour FLOW session focused only on bookkeeping tasks

  • Meetings held every Friday at 11 am MDT

  • Professional bookkeeping consultation available during the meeting

FLOW with Your Numbers Only membership $47/month

Trial Membership Not Available

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The Brook Membership

Great if you are just getting started in your business

12 Working Hours Per Month


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The Stream Membership

Great for if you are building your business

28 Working Hours Per Month


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The Cascade Membership

Great for those growing their business 

44 Working Hours Per Month



FLOW sessions are the place to come and work ON your business. Tackle the "dishes" list and move your business forward smoothly and peacefully. 

Break-down of the sessions:

  • Meetings held weekdays at 9 am MDT

  • 2-hour long focused online co-working group meetings

  • Focused time management with the FLOW Coordinator

  • Live business consulting support provided by the FLOW Coordinator 


Each month, on the 3rd Friday, FLOW members get together for a virtual connections meeting. During the meetings, we share success, discuss our action plans, and support each other's struggles. This is the place to come and celebrate all the amazing work you do during your FLOW sessions. 

1:1 with Megan

During 1:1 calls, Megan and you will dive deep into time management. Megan is masterful at breaking down big tasks into tiny actions that become impactful moments for you and your business. 

Break down of 1:1

  • 1-hour phone or zoom meetings

  • Develop and work on your action plans

  • Focused on actions you take during your FLOW sessions


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