Business Attorney


Brian Hanning is the founder and sole attorney for Hanning Law Ltd. It was his background of a business administration bachelors from Colorado State University’s College of Business and juris doctor from Michigan State University College of Law which sent him on the path towards owning his own firm. Brian is a member of the Colorado Bar and assists certain clients on Federal issues in multiple States.


For his clients in Colorado, Brian practices transactional law, with a focus on helping small business owners understand what laws can apply to their businesses, and the risks and benefits associated with certain decisions. He also volunteers with Colorado Attorneys for the Arts to provide his expertise to artists around the state.


Outside of work, Brian spends a lot of time with family and most importantly the three family dogs. One benefit living and working inFort Collins, Colorado is the abundance of local, interesting coffee shops and microbreweries. Both of which, Brian ends up at frequently. Perhaps more frequently than his waistline would approve.

Brian Hanning, ESQ

Business Strategy & Transformation Game


Karen Joy Fritz

The Game PATH distills decades of feet-on-the-street success in small business and personal development into integrated guidance for your strategy, systems, and self evolution. PATH bundles the wisdom of Mountains, Forests, and Rivers into one playful box to bring you deep insights and clear guidance on your business journey!

My superpower just happens to be seeing patterns so I  can blend who you really are, where you’re going, and how you can enjoy your journey to get there!

I am equally at home exploring motorcycling, motherhood, management, or meditation ~ anything that brings me deeper into the experience of aliveness at the creative edge. At the same time, I’ve learned what it takes to smoothly run successful 7-figure entrepreneurial ventures while being hired to teach on five continents.

Bookkeeper QBO ProAdvisor

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Essentially Intentional delivers Quickbooks Online Bookkeeping & Advisory Services to provide essential real-time financial information and more time spent intentionally for the self-employed, small and medium-sized business owners in Northern Colorado.

Gunnar Harris

Gunnar started his journey by obtaining an Accounting degree from the beautiful West Virginia University. At that time, he became a member of the Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity. He started his career as a Sales Manager in the Corporate Retail Field. After a few years of that, he decided to pursue the entrepreneurship world and started his own business. He is an Advanced Certified Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor. He enjoys having conversations with small business owners who have an incredible passion for what they do. He loves the beautiful state of Colorado and enjoys hiking, backpacking, and fishing here.

Business Marketing Consultant

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Jon Barry

Barry Media is a marketing agency based in Fort Collins, Colorado that was founded by Jon Barry in 2012. Barry Media is a world-class team of combined professionals with over 36 years experience with print, radio, television, special events as well as 16 years of experience in SEO, PPC Management, Sales Lead Generation, Consulting and Website Design  We provide consulting services to start up's to fortune 500 companies.  "Creating Business Footprints 4 success"