Be Excellent In your Business

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Be Excellent In Your Business

This power-packed workbook contains over 50 exercises so you can:

  • Set up your business 

  • Get in the right mindset 

  • Push through blocks

  • Develop customer-centered products or services

  • Set pricing that generates PROFIT 

  • Set up processes that make running a business easier

  • Promote your business

FLOW a Better Way to Work

Whether you've been in business a week or 10 years, as an owner you probably have a never-ending to-do ("dishes") list. A FLOW membership gives you space and support to tackle these tasks and grow your business along the way!

Memberships include:

  • Online group co-working work sessions 

  • Live consulting support during all work sessions

  • Live bookkeeping workgroup and expert support every Friday

  • Member to member connection opportunities

  • 1:1 business consulting with an expert

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Meet Megan Denae Anderson

Hi, I'm Megan. I've had the privilege to work in small businesses for over 20 years. For six years, I've owned Accelerated Business Consulting where I've continued working on operations with my clients.

COVID changed much for me and now I get to have fun spending my days working with other solopreneurs as a FLOW Coordinator. I empower small business owners to accomplish their I-Can lists and run healthy, strong, thriving businesses with less stress. Through online co-working groups, 1:1 support, and member connections, I encourage members to tackle the "dishes" in their business and support them every step of the way. 

I love meeting small business owners grab as spot on my calendar, let's connect!