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Mentoring to Success

Giving back to the community is a major part what I do with Accelerated Business Consulting. Every year one deserving company is chosen to participate in my mentorship program. In order to be chosen a business must meet the following criteria

  • The company has been in business for more than 3 years

  • The financial strength of the company is in an upward trend, with little or no debt

  • The company must have a minimum of 2 employees

  • The company is located in Northern Colorado

The mentee company receives 6 hours of in-person consulting from myself over a 3 month period. The 6 hours are dedicated to train the team on why and how to create a business operations manual as well as how to develop a human capital needs analysis to create and support sustainable company growth. The goal of the mentoring program is to help these scale-up business develop and implement a scaling plan for their growing business. From experience I find that many businesses are ready to grow long before they actually implement growth. The mentoring I provide really helps fast track each company and owner into more structured business operations. For many scale up businesses it is difficult to gain capital backing due to the lack of confidence investors feel from the business. Having a solid business operations manual as well as a written plan for future growth provides potential investors with the confidence they need to help these budding companies grow. I am honored to be working with such a great group lead by an excellent entrepreneur like Ali.

This inaugural year of my mentorship program I am happy to partner with Ali Abouzalam and his team at Bee-Nails. Founded was in 2015 by Ali and his business partner. They are a leader in the Colorado Cannabis Vaporizer community and proud to put people above profits. This company has a drive to provide the best quality vaporizing products at an affordable price and ensuring each new customer is 100% satisfied. Their vaporizing products provide safe and effect ways for all ages and types of cannabis users.

Over the past 4 years the team at Bee-Nails has worked tirelessly to grow their customer base, or as they call them The Colony. This group passionate users and social media followers are the true “secrete sauce” behind the success of the company. When I spoke with Ali about his Colony he said, "The primary strategies and efforts that lead to our success again have to do with our Colony. We continuously innovate designs based on Colony feedback because and typically Colony majority rules. The Colony also extends to our strategic partners and networks that may not necessarily be customers such as the BBB, FoCo Chamber of Commerce, NoCo Cannabis Community and many more. By listening to our customer concerns and compliments we are able to look ahead at future innovations. We have also done a fantastic job at creating Standard Operating Procedures in our business at a relatively early stage. We are hardly opening our first seed round and potential investors have been impressed with the fact that we already have many SOPs. Additionally, we have created unique marketing strategies such as collaborative social media influencer marketing to navigate around red tape in our industry. Lastly, our team of divers worker bees is what truly makes us successful.”

Meet the team that makes the magic happen for Bee-Nails.

Ali Abouzalam, CEO

Ali is the fearless leader at Bee-Nails. He is adept at making valuable contributions to his team due to unique strategic and innovative thinking strategies. Extensive organizational leadership experience covering a wide spectrum of business and professional groups. A cultured individual with intermediary speaking skills in Spanish and Arabic; passionate towards learning new customs and cultures with the ability to easily relate to new environments. Special interests include oil & gas, land management, cannabis industry opportunities, negotiating, and sales.

Josh Butcher Creative Director

Josh is an extremely talented photographer and audio specialist. Despite his edgy appearance, he is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. Josh has a high work ethic and is  very passionate about the cannabis industry. He owns his own media marketing company called Mad Rez studios where he produces video content as well as produces music for his clients.

Casey Norgard, Shipping Manager

Casey is our local jack of all trades. If Casey isn't working one of his three jobs at FedEx, Bee-Nails, or setting up stages with lighting and sound he is flying his drone or spending time with his lovely girlfriend. He is a very intelligent individual with a high work ethic. He is also one of the kindest people you will meet and a state champion wrestler so don't get on his bad side.

Tyler Apple Social Media Manager

Tyler is an extremely organized individual who is passionate about social media. As an early influencer in the cannabis space he has grown his cumulative social media following on his personal pages to over 500k. Despite his media success he is a very well organized and strategic individual with how he deploys marketing campaigns etc. 

Find out more about Bee-Nails at their website and social media:


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