Start Up to Success!™️ 

Course for Entrepreneurs 

"I had the pleasure of working with Megan professionally. Her workbook was well organized, in-depth and full of good information which gave me structure and direction for each week’s meeting. Her knowledge was vast, precise and to the point for every question I had. I loved her enthusiasm and positive outlook in each situation. I would work with her again in a heartbeat!"

J. Schissler (Client)


Are you looking for an in person class to help you better understand how to operate your business? Are you less than 3 years in operation? Then Accelerated Business Consulting’s Start Up to Success!™️ course is for YOU!


 In just 6 weeks you will go from having a business IDEA to having a Business PLAN!

The 6 week course covers:

PURPOSE:  The first week is all about opening yourself up to the creative side of you as a business

                       owner and connecting to your personal WHY.  

PERSON: Week 2 is all about helping your further define your ownership role, and giving you tools that will help you                        be mentally strong and fearless as you move forth in your venture of business ownership.

PRODUCT:  The 3rd week is all about helping you develop exactly WHAT product you will be bringing to the world as                         a business. Deeply define your niche, the benefits of your product, and how to take that product to                                   market.

PRICING: The 4th week  is a really numbers based week, brace yourself we’re going nerdy! You will learn how to set                         realistic pricing which will help you get from start up to scale up faster.


PROCESS: The 5th week's course activities are designed to help you create business structure out of nothing. Begin                         to understand how to run your business as a business and begin developing operations processes. One of                       the most important ways you can increase your business revenue is by have a very structured process for                         how you get, serve, and retain customers.

PROMOTION: The 6th week is an introduction to the world of marketing and promotion. All the detailed market                                     research, perfectly set pricing, and detailed processes in The world won’t help you if no one can access                             or learn about your business.

BUSINESS PLAN:  The course also includes a printed workbook. This book is your self-guided work on the                                                           subject we cover each week in class. Throughout the 6 weeks we will discuss how you                                                             will utilize all the data you are gathering in yoru workbook to create a written business                                                           plan!

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Walt Disney


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