with Your Numbers

During FLOW with Your numbers, members work alongside their FLOW Coordinator to tackle:

  • Accounting software setup

  • Weekly transaction processing

  • Banking

  • Payroll processing

  • Reconciliation

  • Budget and P&L reviews


FLOW sessions are where members come together working on their:

  • Content writing

  • Marketing planning and execution

  • Automation and CRM setup/maintenance

  • Email campaign marketing 

  • Service creation

  • Graphic design 

  • Blog writing

  • Business planning 

  • So Much More!

More on the "Dishes"

The Dishes of Business. We come to FLOW to tackle the dishes. I love this analogy because it's easy to understand. Just like dishes working on a business is full of repeated tasks and if you ignore them for too long those small tasks can become a big mountain to climb. (Check out this blog post all about the ah-ha moment I had while doing my actual dishes. )