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Keeping Up

with your 

books CAN

be Fun! 

“A superhero is a person who does heroic

deeds and has the ability to do them in a way that a normal person couldn't. So in order to be a superhero, you need a power that is more exceptional than any power a normal human being could possess, and you need to use that power to accomplish good deeds” 

~Stan Lee (2013, What is A Superhero?)

Business owners are exactly like real life superheroes taking their amazing abilities and using them to accomplish good deeds. However, it’s true that running a business often feels like an endless grind especially when it comes to keeping up with BOOKKEEPING. 


Does this sound like you...

You start your weekly books, stop, start again and never feel you are really achieving anything?  You know getting your books done is good for business, maybe you're not sure what it's good for but you're assured it's good business practices. You REALLY want to stay on top of things and fight each week/month to get them done, only to end up feel you just need to HAND it off to a professional and "BE DONE" with bookkeeping so you can focus on making the money rather than tracking it.

Ok Take a deep breath, I'm here, you're not alone even better news...

...THERE IS A BETTER WAY to keep up with your books


A Better Way to Keep

up with Bookkeeping



This weekly online members only club brings together bright minded business people (Aka Superheroes!) just like YOU. We'll combine your superpowers with mine to tackle your bookeeping tasks. Then Bam! Zap! Pow!...You will learn how to turn your weekly bookkeeping from frustrating to fun! Propelling you forward with the support and confidence to know you CAN run a smooth flowing, profitable business. 

This group will EQUIP & EMPOWER you to run your business without:

  • The hamster wheel

  • Getting a degree in accounting

  • The sleepless nights

Once you have these tools & knowledge you can spend more time doing what you love doing, which is often the revenue generating tasks. As a result, you will see how to have more time and money back in your life. There will be more balance and flow in how you run the business, by creating order in your chaos. Money becomes easier to make and your values are honored. You’ll be able to assess where you can make intentional choices that will best serve your business. Gain confidence in your abilities to run a businss and have fun along the way!  


You'll see keeping up with your books CAN be FUN and EASY.  

Meet The

Club Mentor

 Megan Denae


"My Superpower is my ability to empower small business owners with a better understanding of their numbers so they can run financially healthy, strong, successful businesses with less stress."

~Megan D. Anderson

Megan Denae Anderson is an accomplished small business manager and business development consultant. Megan has over 20 years of management experience in a wide variety of industries including many which are highly regulated such as medical, financial, and cannabis, and telecommunications. Following one of her passions to help early stage businesses through the landmines that come with starting and growing a business, in June of 2019 Megan published her first book

Zero for Free: A Practical Guide Through Business Development.

For the past 6 years Megan has owned her own consulting firm, Accelerated Business Consulting, working with established small businesses helping them to level out the revenue rollercoaster and transform into highly functioning organizations. She teaches her clients all about scaling on a foundation of written processes and procedures and works side by side with owners, managers, and their teams to develop the operations necessary to scale their businesses. Megan’s mission is to leave her clients standing on solid operations that promote employee retention and create scalable revenue growth.

When not writing her latest book or consulting with her clients, Megan enjoys spending quality time with her 11 year old son Devon. They can often be found playing board games, watching movies or exploring colorful Colorado alongside their lovable dog Gaya.

The journey begins with a 30-minute online training with Megan. You'll be introduced to The Club and go over your specific needs around bookkeeping

The Training Montage
How the



Meetings held weekly via 

Fridays from 11am-12pm MDT. 

Expert Support

Mentor Momentum

Megan will be with the members as mentor each and every week. On hand to answer questions or provide demonstrations so you feel confident in the work you are doing.

 In addition each member can take advantage of a 30 minute 1 to 1 quarterly call with Megan.  

Bookkeeping is a foundation for your business and as a mentor Megan will make sure your foundations is solid. 

Peace of Mind...Priceless

Knowing you where your money was, is and will be

Bookkeping is not just to record history and DO TAXES each year. It is where you find out all the incoming, outgoing, and potentially problematic flows of your money.  These numbers are IMPORTANT.

In this member's only club, you'll find confidence and clarity around your business numbers.


Here's what to Expect Each Month

Monthly Club Structure

Week 1

  • Work week! All  members will work individually on their own bookkeping 

Week 2​

  • Education Week! Lern how to use the numbers to POWER up your business 

Week 3​

  • Work week again. Peer to peer support is really important...remember you're not alone!

Week 4​

  • Reconciliation week! Making sure you're on track.

Peer to Peer Support

The Club Adventure Begins

Superhero Leagues are strong because of the support and unique qualities of each member. This week you'll meet the rest of your fellow superhero owners in The Club.  Each week you'll be able to work alongside eachother and provide support. 

Knowing you have other humans alongside you is a SUPER POWERFUL way to pump yourself up. Especially on tasks that can, at times, feel mundane like Bookkeeping can. 

Each member brings their own experiences, lessons, and advice as well as sense of ADVENTURE and FUN! 

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